Lucyna Zwolińska's path as a choreographer is marked by a diverse array of experiences, collaborations, and artistic accomplishments. Since 2011, she has been actively engaged in the contemporary dance community, known for her innovative choreographic works. Her work is renowned for its exploration of human energy, where she draws inspiration from the powerful yet delicate interplay of forces. According to critics, Zwolińska's choreography showcases a unique blend of strength and vulnerability, portraying a captivating dynamic that transcends gender. 

Her choreographic voyage began with the creation of "DROGA," a piece that garnered international acclaim.Selected for the 26th International Choreographic Competition Hannover, it showcased Zwolińska's ability to craft compelling narratives through movement. Subsequent accolades include the 2nd Jury prize and the Audience Award at the 8th International Choreography Competition Ludwigshafen, along with acknowledgment at Tanzmesse NRW, her work gained acclaim within the choreographic sphere. 


In 2018, Zwolińska embarked on the creation of "trying to breathe," a poignant exploration of human emotion and resilience. Developed as part of the "Think Big - artist residency program 2018," this piece showcased her collaborative spirit and innovative approach to choreography. Its subsequent performance by the Stuttgarter Ballett in June 2019 further solidified her reputation as a visionary choreographer. 

She has showcased her choreographies in prestigious venues across Germany (including Stuttgart Ballet, Theater Trier, Tanzcompagnie Giessen, Saarlandisches Staatstheater, HfMDK Frankfurt, and others), Italy (Dance Arts Faculty in Rome), Japan ("Porte d'Avenir" event produced by Kin'ya Ashikawa in Tokyo), Ireland (Step Up Dance Limerick), captivating audiences with her distinctive artistic vision. Her appointment as the ballet director of The Castel Opera in Szczecin for the 2021/22 season was a notable milestone in her career, providing her with the opportunity to present her choreographic works in her homeland. 


Continuing her artistic journey, Zwolińska engages in independent dance projects, such as "reflexio," "SAND," and "Horizont," which highlight her dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring new forms of expression. Collaborative efforts with musicians and actors, like B&Z PRODUCTIONS, exemplify her innovative spirit and commitment to artistic exploration. 


Zwolińska's impact extends beyond the stage as she shares her expertise through teaching and leading masterclasses. She imparts her knowledge and passion to professional dancers at prestigious institutions such as Tanz Linz, and ProDance Vienna, Trois C-L Luxembourg, Tanzcompagnie Giessen, nurturing the next generation of dance talent. 

Her journey as a dancer began with training at the Ballet School in Bytom, Poland, followed by further education at the High School of Music & Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main starting in 2003. During this period, she seized the opportunity to dance with The Forsythe Company as a guest artist. From collaborations with renowned figures like William Forsythe, Emily Molnar, Kevin O'Day, Itzik Galili, Johan Inger, Mauro Bigonzetti, and others, to working alongside Susanne Linke, Urs Dietrich, Stijn Celis, and Marguerite Donlon, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of contemporary dance. Zwolińska's time with institutions like Ballet Augsburg, Ballet des Saarländisches Staatstheater in Saarbrücken, and the Company Susanne Linke/Theater Trier provided fertile ground for artistic exploration and growth. 

Looking ahead, Zwolińska, with ambitious projects and new choreographies for the Stuttgarter Ballet and the HfMDK in Frankfurt am Main in 2023, continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her unmatched creativity and artistic vision.